Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No division, seek truth

I am sending out research because it's the only way to live with myself in these perilous times. The Mind Mark [YHWH has warned us] a few more findings to consider are below: In Scripture, His voice, Word spoke to by chosen men filled with His Spirit is due to obedience of Ruach before what we know is New Testament, I share some verses it is up to each one to do the work..., Altered mindset, 1) http://biblehub.com/genesis/3-1.htm and 2) again still the same after years have gone on, http://biblehub.com/2_corinthians/11-3.htm 1) Language a barrier, now being abroad to aid people everywhere to know each other's thoughts, 2) Things in media we need to understand by prophecy, in today's placements, global 3) Another Eye Witness left to tell of NWO and education mind control, part 1 of 5 Take no man's word for it, seek Yahweh in prayer time and The Bible, here's another who's sharing Food Water Overlooking notes, be back with the news found Air and food http://alternativemedia.ca/ Land State Language Root toward English Search out Restoration Israel gathering together Versions to explore Answers verifying mind control must be sought out,

Awaken all, to the sound of what you hear

Tov [good] yom [day] to all readers! [Occasionally I am inspired to use Hebrew words, as they opened up the perspective to learn of the 'pure language' (Zeph. 3. 8-9) once in the nations and now has been brought alive to my days of revival] 1 Kor. 11.30. This is not done by human power but The Most High YHVH who is All Power distributing to us all. There is a twisted one, called by the name[s] of: Satan, the devil, Lucifer/pride and ba'al in various disguises seen in what we know of today [this generation] as The Bible. Do not be assured of anything until you go and seek out and test everything. From the eternal [unseen] ordination of how The creation was established only ONE BEING - YHVH - knows all things... There are many mysteries being revealed from ancient days in time - called prophesy. YSHVH [Messiah] has told all 'not one jot nor tittle will pass til all is fulfilled' [Mat. 5. 17-18] I come to write as I am amazed at all the deception/demise on our global exchange. With joy in my heart I come because of the findings; I sensed while living my whole life of 47 years. I will begin with the awakening and shall share many diverse compartmental thoughts to share and have others communicate with me on. I am apprehended to bring out as much as I am able for the sake of those who are busy with their seemingly over abundantly busy lives. I was once there [busy beyond measure] and it was so dimly seen to be able to understand why I felt such agony inside, looking around each community A lust in me was exposed a while back, 2001, which was proven to be anti-messianic in disguise as the messenger of light took me by deception, religiously. He is crafty and no one but The Master of all powers can bring truth, this must be one listening to the inward beings response. There's only One who is Truth and it must be sought out within in oneself.