Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No division, seek truth

I am sending out research because it's the only way to live with myself in these perilous times. The Mind Mark [YHWH has warned us] a few more findings to consider are below: In Scripture, His voice, Word spoke to by chosen men filled with His Spirit is due to obedience of Ruach before what we know is New Testament, I share some verses it is up to each one to do the work..., Altered mindset, 1) http://biblehub.com/genesis/3-1.htm and 2) again still the same after years have gone on, http://biblehub.com/2_corinthians/11-3.htm 1) Language a barrier, now being abroad to aid people everywhere to know each other's thoughts, 2) Things in media we need to understand by prophecy, in today's placements, global 3) Another Eye Witness left to tell of NWO and education mind control, part 1 of 5 Take no man's word for it, seek Yahweh in prayer time and The Bible, here's another who's sharing Food Water Overlooking notes, be back with the news found Air and food http://alternativemedia.ca/ Land State Language Root toward English Search out Restoration Israel gathering together Versions to explore Answers verifying mind control must be sought out,

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  1. Watch and observe, without apprehensiveness for all things in Scripture are and will be revealed.